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Red Dead Redemption

*Spoiler alert*

Red Dead Redemption was the last Xbox game I completed. I’ve always been a fan of Rockstar games having played Grand Theft Auto; Vice City, and San Andreas during the PS2 era and IV on 360, and also Bully. All excellent games and all following in the suit of managing to free roam and choosing when to do specific missions, side missions and obviously the best is Rockstar’s sense of humour. Who hasn’t gone cruising around the back alleys in GTA at night or hit a strip bar and got a lap dance or extra from one of the hookers..then of course running them over after the brief cut-scene and getting your money back ^_~

Bully, obviously toned it down since it was being aimed towards younger teens instead of 18+ like GTA, but had some surprising but hilarious content such as Jimmy, the protagonist being able to (and also obtaining a achievement) for kissing boys, but kudos to Rockstar for being open-minded.

Red Dead Redemption again being on 360 and especially on HD was represented with beautiful scenery and amazing attention to detail. Whether night or day, riding around Mexico or passing the Great Plains to kill that final buffalo or delving deep in the forest and mountains to skin a grizzly. Apart from the beginning with Bonnie and irritatingly learning how to break a horse, I began to enjoy the missions- yay shooting! ‘Dead Eye’ was a helpful input, much like Bayonetta’s ‘Witch Time’ slowing down time to get a good shot. Obviously I know learning the basics at the beginning with breaking a horse would help with side stranger missions, but I always found it frustrating as 80% of the time I wanted to shoot the horse for throwing me off then galloping off, it takes some getting used to.

‘Dead Eye’ is also featured in challenge duels, which sometimes appear on the map or in a side mission or two. I enjoyed this feature to the game as it’s one of many known aspects of what we know of western cowboys. Robbing trains, gattling guns, stage coach races, tracking down wanted criminals, shooting in gang hideouts, playing poker in saloons, down to even the detail of masking your identity with a handkerchief were a few details of the game that stayed true to western culture, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My only negative view of the game is mainly the use of betrayal in yet another game and the unfortunate ending. I’m all for tragedy at the end of a game, I mean at the end of the day it’s just a game right? Yet, at least GTA IV had alternate endings. I guess both alternate endings had different tragedies, but I wouldn’t of minded Jack being kidnapped by the Mexicans and the wife being killed in exchange for John Marston to survive and marry Bonnie, who I preferred so much more. And there was no denying Bonnie’s feelings for John during cutscenes of the game.

And call me perverted but I would of enjoyed having a go with the prostitutes in the game. Much to my dismay even as a legally aged Jack, free roaming at the end. He only subjected to saying, “my daddy warned me about dirty whores like you” BAH! Although, I can understand Rockstar’s attempt at morality and not having John cheat on his wife (somebody get a cheat to input Neko Bellic in the game! xP), it didn’t stop my fun hog-tying women and throwing them on the tracks (woo 5G!) or dragging them up the stairs and teabagging them in my room.

My last two negative points would be the lack of fighting against Indians in the game. You had a few later missions shooting them, but I expected Indians on horse back with bows and arrows attempting to scalp me, not updated versions with guns, but eh fighting was still good. Last point being the amount of glitches, which almost made me drop the game as it froze during levels and a few times left a character squatting midair.

Finishing on a good note, one of my favourite characters in the game aside from John was good old, Abraham Reyes. His dialogue and John’s sarky comments were always a joy. Who’s Luisa?! And hey, he displayed the only one sex scene in the game xD


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