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Thor: God of Thunder or God of Arrogance

I recently watched Thor in 3D. Given the choice I would have attempted to see it in 2D in the few select cinemas there are. I’m not normally a fan of 3D as it gives me a headache and to me 80% of the time doesn’t even appear 3D. To be honest, the trailers look more 3D than the film itself. Albeit, fonts on screen and the occasional weapon may stand out, but not worth my extra cash.

I’ve  heard a lot of reviews of Thor via friends and the internet prior to seeing the film, all being mainly negative. I’m always open-minded to opinions, yet this doesn’t affect my choice of seeing the film and judging it for myself. Thor in my opinion, was a great film. It had great action, humour, excellent visuals and the choice of cast; created yet another great Marvel film.

Thor, is based on the latest comic book series from J. Michael Straczynski which sees the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) living amongst humans in a quiet New Mexico town. The film is based on Thor living far away in the magnificent world of Asgard enlarging his even greater ego with him gaining place as king against his brother. His fiery temper and arrogance plays against him when he betrays his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) to travel to the frost giant world of Jotunheim with his friends; The Warriors Three and his brother. Thor’s power is brought to focus with his mighty weapon;  Mjolnir, which slays the giant ice monsters and a fair amount of their icy dominion. Yet the battle expectedly ignites a war between Asgard and Jotunheim, and unfortunately Thor’s banishment from Jotunheim and his place as king is stripped away.

Thor is found after Jane (Natalie Portman), Darcy (Kat Dennings), and scientist; Erik Selvig (Stellan Saarsgard) chase down a storm in the desert, who much after Jane’s research and Erik’s memories of his childhood stories feel there is much more this man can help unlock to their mysteries. And so, begins Thor’s introduction to everyday mortal life with hilarious results. Thor’s choice of words such as “sustenance” when describing his hunger and throwing his glass on the ground when demanding more beverage , and describing Jane’s bedroom as her “chamber” brought delight. My favourite scene being Thor walking into a pet store named, ‘Pet Palace’ and demanding a horse. The sales assistant responding with something along the lines of; “We do not sell horses here. We sell rabbits, cats and dogs.” Thor’s response, “Well give me one of those that I can ride” xD before being whisked abruptly away by Jane in her car in an attempt to take him to his beloved, Mjolnir. Natalie Portman as Jane portrayed a different light of character to me than she normally plays. I’ve always been a fan of her acting since she played a twelve year-old assassin in the film, Leon then again as the adorable, Sam in Garden State. Seeing her as a smitten, giggly female was strange, but at least she attempted to stand her ground with Thor while being under attack on earth and has the profession of a science researcher rather than a waitress or singer such as Mary-Jane from Spiderman (seriously Marvel, come up with more female names -.-)

Back at Asgard, Thor’s brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is not as trustworthy as he’s made out to be. Odin has fallen into a coma-like sleep, and the frost giants are close to their world. In a nutshell, the shit’s hit the fan and the only person that can help them has been banished to earth. This sets the film’s momentus finale which finds earth and the world of Asgard colliding, also adding a hilarious scene from hs friends; The Warriors Three being described as; Zena, Jackie Chan and Robin Hood when they arrive to earth in full armour to help bring back Thor. With Thor’s selfless attempt at sacrifice his weapon Mjolnir and his armour is restored, as he makes his return with his friends to Asgard for the final battle, which brings his story to a close, but he shall return in the longly anticipated, Avengers!

As with every Marvel film, I like few others always wait for the end scene adding extra input into Joss Whedon’s, The Avengers, bringing several Marvel superheros together. I half expected Stan Lee to stick his middle finger up at the screen laughing and saying, “Mwaha you were expecting an extra scene weren’t you!”, but was pleased to have more of a teaser on The Avengers. It should be interesting to see how they tie in the films, my guess being Captain America would give us our final scene before The Avengers hits the big screen. I wouldn’t say Thor is the best superhero film to date, but it definitely beats Daredevil and Ghostrider. The visuals and choice of characters were all good choices, plot could use more working on, but overall a great film.

Till then we have much Marvel goodness coming up with X-men: First Class, the prequel to X-men and playing as Marvel characters on MVC 3. Yet, I would not recommend playing as Thor as even though his moves with Mjolnir prove powerful, they work slow and only within close range. Come on: X-men!

Ps: Awesome video from Marvel campaigning Thor xD


3 responses

  1. haha yes there was also another reference to the Marvel world when they mentioned “Stark industries” as in “Iron Man”.

    I love how all the Marvel worlds come together 🙂

    Can’t wait for the X-men movie. You should do a review on that too 😉

    May 9, 2011 at 12:21 am

  2. Ah yes! Good eye xD and in Iron Man Tony used Captain America’s sheild in his lab ^-^

    And I shall do! Can’t wait for the x-men film!

    Btw subscribed to your blog xD xx

    May 9, 2011 at 12:24 am

  3. ooh speaking of Captain America, think they’re making a movie of that too! But I don’t know much about that Marvel hero.

    thanx for the sub 🙂 right back at ya 😉

    you can now like my blog on FB too (^_^) xx

    May 10, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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